Welcome to Blue Tarp Tours. I’m Steve Gainey, your personal tour guide. I grew up here in the 60s and 70s, when Southport was still a working, coastal village populated by river pilots, pogey boat captains & crewmen, fishermen, crabbers,¬†oystermen & shrimpers. There were many more who worked the docks unloading, processing, packing and shipping the harvest drawn from local waters. And those who didn’t derive their livelihood directly from the water drew much of their joy in life from time spent on or near the water, pursuing the many recreational activities that this environment affords. Ours was not a life lived with finer things, but it was a fine, fine life, elevated in it’s appreciation of the rewards that accompany a “life lived between the tides”. It was a simple life that was simply sublime.

So, now you see my challenge; to give you a good and true introduction to Southport. I have decided upon a three themed narrative: personal, historical and ecological. I will interlace my own recollections and humorous anecdotes as I share Southport’s history proper, especially the nautical themes, tightly woven therein and stretching back to when the only folk that lived here were Native Americans and the saltiest of old salts, the original river pilots of “Ye Cape of Feare”. And since Southport is tied so intimately to the river, we will pause along our walk to explore readily accessible parts of the Cape Fear eco-system and discover the beauty hidden there in plain sight. So come along, join me and take a fun-filled and informative walk into the Heart of Southport.

Personal Anecdotes, Southport History, Cape Fear River Ecology…..
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