Welcome to Southport, NC , home of Blue Tarp Tours!

Are you looking for fun, informative things to do while visiting Southport? Well of course you are! And a walking tour, led by local, homegrown son, Steve Gainey, should be at the top of  every must-do activity list for those visiting Southport. On every Blue Tarp Tour, guests will hear about the Southport of the 60s & 70s, that still small fishing village which formed the backdrop of the early life of your guide. And there will be stories of the more distant past, that give a rich perspective on Southport’s historic bond with the Cape Fear River as well as other nautical threads that are woven into its salty mosaic. Speaking of the Cape Fear River, you will walk its banks and learn about important and interesting ecological features impacting this area and the Atlantic coastline. And then there are pirates we must take note of, a stately cemetery to visit, spies and war stories to unwind, hurricanes to contend with and fish tales that need reeling in. Fun and informative indeed! So come along and join me for a “Walk into the Heart of Southport”.

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